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Missing - Tammy Lynn Leppert

From the Kidsearch Network Cold Case Files

Tammy Lynn Leppert

Tammy Leppert was last seen on July 6, 1983 and has not been seen or heard from since. She was let out of a car near the glass bank in cocoa beach, near the Exxon station, after a heated discussion with a male companion. She was in beauty pagents, modeling, and a few parts in movies (Spring Break, Scarface, Little Darlings, and Video Wars).

Her missing persons story was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, some of the things on the story are not correct. The car was not black, it was a white corvette, or blue maverick. She had on a blue blouse with flower appliques on the shoulders, and a blue skirt. She was not wearing shoes, nor was she carrying a purse.

I like this place, I've lived here all my life, and I'd like to stay here. ever since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of having a house in cocoa beach and living happily ever after.
-Tammy-Lynn Leppert, march 1983

The house they were staying at was in Rockledge, Florida, not Cocoa. She may have been 3 months pregnant. She was taller than the 5'3 they said, More like 5'4-5'5. The police have looked into her being a Christopher Wilder (Serial killer) victim, but was never linked to him.

If you have any information on the whereabouts or the circumstances of the disappearance of Tammy Leppert, please contact the Kidsearch Network at 305-372-1808.

She had just turned 18. And she was at a crossroad. Her latest flirtation with hollywood-a cinemetic turkey called "Spring Break"-had just been released.But she harbored no illusions about it. Her non-speaking role as a bikinied nymphet carried no more weight than her erlier camoes in "Little Darlings" and "Scarface."

What "Spring Break" represented was the latest stop in a carefully nurtured ascent to movie stardom. If visibility management meant getting Tammy's curvaceous hips splashed across a movie poster (Four college dudes erecting a "Spring Break" flag atop them, Reminiscent of the allied triumph at Iwo Jima), That was good enough for now.

And if Tammy-Lynn leppert felt compelled to feign embarrasment over this no-talent coup by crossing her eyes and making a goofy face, These were times for celebration. Or so it seemed.

On July 6, 1983, Tammy-Lynn Leppert went for a ride and vanished so cleanly it was as if she'd never existed. Tammy-Lynn Leppert now resides in the computer memory bank of Florida Crime Information Center. A comunity of 5,944, roughly the size of Indian Harbour Beach. She can be found there alongside another cocoa beach entry Keith D. Fleming, who vanished in 1977 at age 13.

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If you have any information on the whereabouts or the circumstances of the disappearance of Tammy Leppert, please contact the Kidsearch Network at 305-372-1808.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What crime?

The only obvious crime here is that of deceiving the public at large. Tammy's disappearance was a planed vanishing act.

She was groomed by her Mother to enter the sex for sale industry. In so doing it is common practice to change ones identity for protection of oneself, family and friends. Identity change is a common practice from playboy bunnies to hardcore prostitutes.

She probably went through their lawyer consultant, Walter Lebowitz of south east Florida, the Fort Lauderdale, Miami area, for a legal identity change that may have included a social security number change. It's possible to get a SS# change under certain conditions. A web search on Walter will turn up results indicating he was disbarred from the Florida Bar association years later, where the reasons for such are perhaps relevant.

Walters place was where she went after her supposed blowup on the Scarface set (technically she was not even on the set of the chainsaw bathtub scene.) It was probably also Walters place where Tammy wanted Keith to take her, so to pick up her new ID and perhaps pay Walter for his service (re: the money she got from Keith.)

The supposed death threats were never real but perhaps the death threat act that evolved over a year or twos time helped to convince and qualify her for a SS# change. I know that the death threat originated from something Tammy overheard me say and that the "becoming a nurse" also originated from something I told Linda about myself regarding the suside death of my best friend at the age of 15.

The police never really looked for her because she went to them with whatever legal requirements she needed, to request they respect her privacy as an adult of sound mind. It's possible and likely that her mother/agent went with her for this initial effort. It was a detective Scraggs whom they dealt with on this matter. The Glass Bank, where Keith supposedly dropped her off, is walking distance to the CBPD, where Tammy would go if she needed to supply them with documentation of having sound mind, after her 72 hour evaluation period. Though I later saw her at Keiths place.

Given her mother/agents business of being a child talent agent, it only makes since that disconnecting herself publicly from her mothers business was an obvious thing to do. Though Linda, her Mother, did benefit from Tammy's career change. Of course Linda being the Talent Agent she was, made use of the "Missing White Woman Syndrome" (see wikipedia) for publicity, in addition to any monies Tammy gave her mother.

There are those who have known this, besides the police, of course Linda knew, Wing knows, Keith knows as well as a Wally E.. Wally's place was where Tammy was supposedly picked up by the police to be taken in for 72 hr. psychiatrist evaluation.... for establishing she is of sound mind?

Who am I to know this? Unlike her three sisters, or even her brother, I was around when all this evolved and happened. I was around enough to now know this is not only what happened but that she took advantage of the situation and her "hiding" (cowards hide) to try to inflict guilt trips on others who did not respond or support her in a manner she expected them to. Of those who received mysterious phone calls at Tammy's hand but NEVER an honest communication with Tammy, include her sister Debbie, her aunt Ginger and myself of which I have received tons of such calls over the years and reminders every few year. Clearly Tammy either didn't understand or care to understand why I couldn't respond to her. Many many years later it was identified I suffer post-traumatic stress disorder associated to the loss of my best friend (mentioned above) and therefor had and have difficulty with developing close relationships. But I, to Tammy and her mother, was nothing more than a training tool for Tammy's grooming, so of course there was no genuine concern or care about me from either of them, just someone to use and abuse.

Her sister, Suzanne, whom claims to have never met Tammy, due to adoption as a baby. Has no legal claim, due to the adoption, unless and only if Tammy herself has assigned Suzanne such rights.

Interestingly enough, Suzanne picked up exactly where Linda left off, when she passed away, in running interference to hide the truth while promoting the illusion of an innocent missing girl.

Tammy is far from being innocent, she is a professional, probably highly paid, prostitute. And she likes driving White Corvettes. Under the umbrella of Escort Services, prostitution is legal in all 50 states. Its only a matter of proper client/hooker protocol, and I'd imagine she had and has her own client based originating out of the contacts she made in the years prior to her vanishing act.

According to something said to me by a CBPD detective (Lewis) once on the case, now retired. The police file details of this case will not be made public for fifty years after the last remaining involved person has passed away. (note that at the time this was communicated, copyright limitations were just this. 50 years after authors death.)


11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my Aunt Tammy. I will keep looking for her as will the rest of our family. To read some of the thing that are said it is just sad. To see how some people talk about others. The fact is she is missing. We as a family are missing her. We have not seen or heard from her sense that day.I seen my mother cry over missing her sister. I watch my grandmother died never knowing what happen to her daughter. all we want is to know what happen to her. its sad that every were I go There are people who have to bad month my aunt or the whole thing. Some thing happen and we would love to know what that is. Because the fact is Tammy is Missing.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she was working with the big people of the day. she changed her name and the cops know that. she picked up her id and new name and money for her trip, big money...she never came back from Saudi Arabia where she was sold. She was kidnapped and helped her kidnappers without knowing.

4:29 PM  

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